We have developed the Courageous Creative Retreat to inspire, refresh, and encourage you on your path towards intentional, artful living. We believe in the power of nourishing your gifts, refocusing your goals, and relaxing in inspiring and beautiful environments. More information coming soon on our Spring 2018 retreat! 

At the Courageous Creative Retreat you will have opportunities for dynamic and engaging conversations with other artists as well as peaceful moments of solitude to reflect. We will gather for art based workshops to get your creativity flowing. We will goal set, develop vision boards, discuss ways to clearly define our dreams and actively live each day with deep intention and rooted purpose. There will be delicious food, a comfortable home on a lake and details prepped especially for you. Enjoy taking a look at a few scenes from our Spring 2017 retreat below:

It was a wonderful to connect with other creative people, sharing insight, conversation and feedback. Although I was worried that I would feel awkward spending a weekend with strangers I felt like I was welcome and part of a supportive and friendly group of women. That is a testament to the amazing retreat leaders and the incredible women that I shared this experience with. The workshops were informative and fun and the group was small enough that I felt like we could all ask questions and discuss so that the information could be personalized and tailored to each participant. I learned so much, I got enough downtime to relax and really feel at ease. I would absolutely do it again. At this point it is not a matter of it; it’s a matter of when and where. 
— Jamie
The retreat is a great opportunity to connect with other artists on a deep level and provides a weekend of community and life-mapping.
— Katie
I’ve told those who have asked that it is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Although this was geared for artistic types, I felt the discussions on routine, wellness, happiness and balance are talks everyone can relate to and benefit from. I loved the flow of the retreat- nothing felt rushed. The meals, the workshops and discussions all felt thoughtfully played out and having breaks helped me to let things sink in and allowed me to get out of my head a bit. Very well executed! 
— Carolyn