In the midst of balancing busy art and home lives we created this planner to help artists (including us!) organize, focus, and goal set in the studio.

Our intention for this planner is to help you dream big, harness your ideas and goals, create a plan of action, dedicate more time and intention to your art, build a framework of language around your work and plan out art ideas and collections all in one place. This planner will give you the tools to write out your vision, develop a strong artist statement, build an intentional life-giving studio practice and so much more! 




  • writing your vision for the year ahead
  • space for creating a vision board
  • goal setting page for writing down those big ideas
  • goal breakdown page to create steps for long and short term goals 
  • goals at a glance page for plugging your goals into your calendar 
  • focus questions for developing a language around your work 
  • sketch book pages in landscape, portrait and square dimensions
  • collections page to bring together ideas that fit and forming cohesive bodies of work
  • gallery view pages for envisioning your work on gallery walls 
  • activity page for developing an artist statement 
  • complete monthly spreads for November 2017 through December 2018
  • complete weekly spreads for November 2017 through December 2018 
  • space to sketch, plan, write to-do lists, record supplies needed and more on weekly spreads 
  • reflection pages at the end of each month 
  • yearly review section for looking back over your year 
  • artist statements and bios from Kaylan and Meredith 
  • tips and encouragement from Kaylan and Meredith 
  • a large collection of motivational and inspirational quotes from well known artists 
  • a list of resources we like and space to collect your own
  • a large word bank including vocabulary words to describe your art practice and studio space 
  • ...and much more! 


  •  durable, high gloss front and back cover for messy studio work + taking on the go that features a bold and beautiful collaborative painting done by Kaylan and Meredith
  • 36 inspiring studio scenes and images of art works featuring Kaylan & Meredith's home studios and paintings done in 2017, printed as full color, clean and crisp high quality images
  • large, laminated monthly tabs that make it easy to find the month you need to view 
  •  nearly 300 pages of content
  • 8" x 10" pages, full dimensions with spiral and tabs 9.5" x 10" x 1.25"
  • back section with plenty of extra sketching, goal setting and gallery view pages

Ultimately, we hope this planner helps you to build an intentional life-giving studio practice and to achieve all the goals you can dream up for your art life and career! 

Studio Planner for Artists
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There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen. Go against the rules or ignore the rules. That is what invention is about.
— Helen Frankenthaler