In this 2 part online workshop you will learn dynamic tactics for writing about your art!

WORKSHOp PART 1: Artist statement writing with kaylan

In part I, Kaylan Buteyn will teach you how to write a powerful artist statement. You will workshop your statement with Kaylan to get a piece that is concise, informative and expressive, giving your readers necessary and truthful insight into your art. See Kaylan's artist statement below to give you an example of her work: 


"In my work painting acts as a vehicle to process the narrative of motherhood. I parallel the action of painting- structuring, tearing down, and reworking- with the process of mothering. My color palette is drawn from my environment, filled with fleshy tones, preschool primary colors, and those referencing gendered identities. The abstracted forms mirror the way my body feels as a mother; some are soft and fleshy, drip and appear swollen or lucid, are burdened and radiant. Some are translucent, reflecting the ways in which I feel permeable to my children. Visible rainbows or inverted wombs stand as hopeful symbols of carrying, comforting, inclusion. Loose, gestural marks drawn with acrylic and pastel represent the many untamed responses my body has when mothering; joyful trembling, outburst of rage, body shakes and surges of tender emotions." 

WORKSHOP PART 2: storytelling on instagram with Meredith

Meredith Bullock will lead you through part 2 of the workshop where you will learn from Meredith ways to write effectively about your art and your studio practice for Instagram. Meredith will help you share your story with beauty and courage, inviting your followers to make connections and more deeply engage with your work as you share it online. See an example of one of Meredith's instagram posts below.


For each part of the workshop you will reserve a 60-minute evening session to converse with Kaylan and Meredith through online messaging. That's two hours of our undivided attention working one-on-one with you to help you to write about your art!

What you'll walkaway with is a powerful artist statement for things like your website; submitting to galleries & shows; and approaching businesses, designers & collectors. You'll also takeaway tools to share your artist journey in a compelling and authentic way in order to engage with your audience more deeply and effectively on Instagram.

Overall, what Write About Your Art Workshop provides is the language to communicate about your art more clearly and confidently. In our expertise that's one of the most valuable tools an artist can possess.   

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
— Sylvia Plath